Spray and pray

I hate the “spray and pray” philosophy that almost always comes with digital photography. To those not familiar with the term, it means taking loads of pictures with minimum variation between them, hoping that a few come all right. 

Also, I’m sure that I am not alone in my impatience for post processing. I dread the feeling of copying a thousand and so files to my computer, opening Lightroom and choosing what is worth saving and what I should delete immediately. Should I keep this huge RAW file or is the camera JPG enough? 

Volume and PC work. That’s a terrible combination for me. In the end, I use the same preset in all of them and turn off my computer bored. I would much rather be outside, looking for pretty things, than inside, behind a PC.
Analog photography helped me a lot with that. You rarely spray and pray with film, as it is limited and expensive. The final pictures usually come with character and requires little to none post processing. And, as an extra bonus, you learn to use the same philosophy of thinking before pressing the button. 

Remember the old Chinese saying: never come back home with 73 pictures of your lunch. 


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